Early Users Praise Our Nursing Status Board

The Nursing Status Board feature of MEDITECH’s Advanced Clinical System is generating excitement among the first wave of customers who have gone LIVE with the software. The Nursing Status Board is designed to meet the expanding workloads and growing challenges of today's nurses by providing them a clear overview of which patients require care, the interventions that are needed, and the timeframes associated with these interventions. Available in Client/Server Release 5.3 and MAGIC Release 5.4, the Status Board displays the patients for an individual caregiver or a specific location, and enables nurses to manage all aspects of their patients' care such as medication administration and documentation from a single screen. It serves as the nurses’ “home page,” making the workflow process more efficient and helping nurses to organize and prioritize their workloads.

With the Status Board, all main nursing functions are consolidated into one area. Not only that, but users have the ability to choose and customize the data that is displayed, making it a highly flexible tool.

MEDITECH currently has 17 customers LIVE with the Status Board. We’re excited to share some feedback from a few of our early adopters: Mount Nittany Medical Center (State College, PA), Garrett County Memorial Hospital (Oakland, MD), and Thunder Bay Regional Hospital (Thunder Bay, ON).

Mount Nittany Medical Center
Mount Nittany Medical Center went LIVE with the Nursing Status Board in December 2003. Patient data currently displayed on their Status Board includes: Account Number, Room/Bed, Gender, Age, Temporary Location, Diet, Allergies, Diagnosis, New Orders, and Attending Physician. These elements have been so successful that the nurses are currently considering adding fields such as Next Intervention Due and Length of Stay to the Status Board.

"The nurses have had a really positive response to this new feature, because they realize that it enhances their ability to manage care for a group of patients, all from a single location. Nurses can now prioritize care based on a patient's needs. Furthermore, our nurses really like being able to decide ‘on the fly’ whether to go into an intervention and document via the spreadsheet.” - Joyce Walls, Associate Director of Clinical Informatics at Mount Nittany

Garrett County Memorial Hospital
Garrett County Memorial Hospital has been using the Status Board since November 2003 in its sub-acute care unit. Currently, the Status Board there displays patient data such as: Room/Bed, Name, Account Number, Age, Sex, Status, and Service Date. When a consensus can be reached as to which new fields should be added, the nurses would like to customize the Status Board even further.

"The nurses adjusted to the Status Board without any problems and many nurses have expressed an interest in adding Interventions, Diets, and Physician fields. We're expecting that these new fields will have a positive impact on the department's workflow. We’re still very early in this whole process, though some staff members are showing interest in becoming Team Leaders. I believe that once we have more Team Leaders in place, we will be able to fine-tune the Default Status Board, and users will find the Status Board even more accommodating to their needs.” - Marianna Herpel, R.N. and Clinical Analyst at Garrett County

Thunder Bay Regional
Two Thunder Bay Regional locations are currently LIVE with the Status Board: Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre, which is an acute care facility, and St. Joseph's Care Group, which is a continuing care facility. The feedback MEDITECH has received from the Health Sciences Centre has been very positive, despite the fact that the centre is currently in the process of moving locations, hindering the users’ ability to more fully evaluate the system. Thunder Bay’s patient data includes: Room Number, Name, Age, Sex, Status, Service Date, Reason For Visit, Isolation Type/Status, Diet, Bowel Pattern/Date of Last Bowel Pattern, Results, and Orders.

“MEDITECH’s Status Board is the best PCS enhancement yet, and our users love it. The Status Board operates at a great speed, and we love the Long Term Care Patient’s Location field. Our staff is using this tool extensively, and has reported only two issues to date.” – Debbie Smart, R.N. and PCS Applications Specialist at Thunder Bay

"We conducted training by having "Super Users" who educated our nursing staff while they worked, and we made sure that our staff had direct access to a training manual via our Intranet. The feedback from the majority of our staff was very positive. In my opinion, the staff working full-time had the easiest adjustment. Our nurses like the features and ease of movement through the Status Board.” - Susan Derk, Manager of Medical Services at Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre

MEDITECH would like to congratulate these early users in taking advantage of this clinical tool and on the progress they've made. As these users mature, we'll be sure to follow up with them, and others, on specific gains that are made, particularly in regards to clinical workflow. We look forward to providing you with continued feedback on this exciting new enhancement.


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