MEDITECH Promotes Howard Messing to Chief Executive Officer

WESTWOOD, MA -- June 29, 2010 -- MEDITECH, the leading vendor of health care information systems, today announced the promotion of Howard Messing to the position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Mr. Messing has been MEDITECH's President for the past seven years, and he will retain that title going forward, carrying an official title of President and CEO. Mr. Messing will continue to oversee the successful development, marketing, sales, implementation, and service of MEDITECH's products.

"Howard's contributions to MEDITECH over the past 35 years are immeasurable," said A. Neil Pappalardo, MEDITECH's Chairman, who had served as CEO since the company's early days. "This promotion acknowledges the leadership role Howard has played in fueling MEDITECH's extraordinary growth."

MEDITECH is one of the largest privately-held technology companies in the world, with over 2,200 health care customer sites and over 3,000 employees. Pappalardo first made the company's shareholders, an overwhelming majority of whom are current and former MEDITECH staff members, aware of the news during the company's annual meeting, held on April 26th at the company's Canton facility.

"I recently turned 68 years old, and I feel now is the time for Howard to become CEO," explained Pappalardo. "I will remain actively involved in all facets of MEDITECH's operations, as I continue to serve as Chairman."

The promotion became official following a necessary Special Meeting of Shareholders to amend MEDITECH's bylaws.

Mr. Messing brings to MEDITECH and its customers more than three decades of experience and insight into the evolution of Health Care Information Systems in all types of organizations. "This is such an exciting time for me. Many things which we theorized about when I first joined MEDITECH, are now actually coming to fruition," remarked Messing during a recent customer workshop. "I remember examples from science fiction, where patients' electronic medical records would automatically display as soon as they entered the examination room. And now we're heading towards a time when we can actually share data in that manner."

Mr. Messing joined the company as a programmer in 1974, after graduating from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and attending Rutgers University graduate school. He soon rose into senior management, where he played an active role in the early development and enhancement of MEDITECH's products. In 1984, Mr. Messing was named Vice President of Implementation, a position which required him to provide guidance to MEDITECH's product installation staff as they maintained and expanded MEDITECH's well-earned reputation for implementing systems on time and within budget. In April of 1995, the Board of Directors unanimously appointed Mr. Messing to serve as Executive Vice President, a position he held until his promotion to President and COO in July of 2002.

Outside of MEDITECH, Mr. Messing serves on the Steering Committee of Connecting for Health, a Markle Foundation collaborative devoted to coordinating public and private interests in the adoption of information technology in health care. In addition, Mr. Messing is Chairman of the Board of Trustees for the Museum of Science in Boston. He formerly has served as Chairman of the Economic Development Advisory Board, the Finance Commission, and the Information Systems Advisory Board for the town of Westwood, Massachusetts.

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