Innovative Database Management
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Providing The Right Tool For The Right Job

MEDITECH's information system combines database technologies, matching database structures to fit users' profiles based on:

Managed By Operating System

MEDITECH's MAGIC database management system is fully integrated with and is, in fact, part of the MAGIC programming language. Physical data storage is efficiently managed by the MAGIC operating system, enabling the programmer to concentrate on representing the logical relationships among the data with MAGIC's hierarchical database.

Balanced Tree (B-Tree) Hierarchical Database

MEDITECH's database is composed of a hierarchical tree structure called a balanced tree. Balanced trees (B-trees) are a particular type of tree structure that enables quick access to particular pieces of information. The benefit of a B-tree database is that the length of the data paths from the top (root) to any bottom block of data is the same as that to any other bottom block of data. This implies that the tree is balanced vertically (top-to-bottom) with well-defined levels.

In a hierarchical database, the root is the highest node in the tree structure from which all other structures descend and begins at block one. The root contains SAFs (sequential access files), SADs (sequential access directories), RADs (random access directories) and RAFs (random access files).