Seamless User Interfaces
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MEDITECH has been creating interfaces to other vendors' products for over 32 years, seamlessly connecting our HCIS to devices and systems so users have full access to their organization's data. We incorporate connection standards such as the TCP/IP networking protocol and HL7 application interface standards to facilitate the process and make your system as open as possible.

HL7 Application Interfaces

MEDITECH's interfaces are HL7 compliant, providing an exchange of data that eliminates custom interface programming and maintenance. Our interfaces support data exchange among a wide variety of technical environments and are compatible with a variety of programming languages and operating systems.


Our integration of Picture Archive and Communication System (PACS) images enables caregivers throughout the enterprise to view images directly through their HCIS. These images include x-rays, Magnetic Resonance Images (MRIs), CAT scans and other diagnostic images all distributed electronically from one central location. With the proper hardware and set-up installed, access is available from any location within or outside the hospital, ensuring that clinicians have images available where and when they want them.


SMTP, Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, uses a mail server defined on your site's network. E-mail software is not on the local client (PC), so each message goes through the mail server before it is sent to the recipient.

Instrument Interfaces

MEDITECH has extensive experience when it comes to instrument interfaces. Having started the Laboratory Information System (LIS) industry 33 years ago by selling stand-alone laboratory systems, we have implemented thousands of instrument interfaces. We can provide instrument interfaces virtually to any analyzer that your organization should require.

Data Sets for HIPAA

Our application interfaces are compliant with the current HIPAA regulations, which are required for patient identification, payer, provider data, and EDI transaction sets. We closely monitor emerging HIPAA regulations and update interfaces as needed.


MEDITECH supports the leading encoder products, updating interfaces as needed to remain current with regulations. Both interactive and batch-processed interfaces are offered for licensing.