MEDITECH Launches a New Era with 6.0 Release

MEDITECH will launch a new chapter in its history in 2008 with the introduction of the 6.0 Release to new accounts. Featuring a new user interface with improved workflow design and new technology infrastructure, 6.0 represents a new generation of health care technology for MEDITECH customers.

The introduction of 6.0 gives MEDITECH an opportunity to advance its applications, providing users with a new, more appealing user interface; better navigation with consistent conventions across applications; optimal performance via remote access; increased security over public and private networks; faster, easier data conversions and recovery from system failures; and a platform for future operating system independence.

Several factors in the changing health care landscape have influenced MEDITECH's creation of 6.0. Most important has been the critical role information systems now play supporting physicians and nurses in directing care for a wide range of patients. MEDITECH's 6.0 design is based on streamlining workflows, providing secure access over the Internet, scaling to a wide range of patient populations and venues, preventing data corruption, and eliminating data downtime.

The 6.0 Release includes a new database management system in which transaction servers control all writes to the database. This has important implications for successful auditing, archiving, and reliability, as Chris Anschuetz, vice president of system technology, noted at the June 2007 CIO Workshop: "Perhaps the most unique feature of the new database is the fact that updates to files are implemented only by appending data—never by overwriting data," said Anschuetz. "This makes the database an inherently perfect audit trail of every update to every data item, and in addition, protects the database from errors which might occur between two stages of implementing an overwrite."

MEDITECH Now Demonstrating 6.0 to New Accounts
MEDITECH has already discussed 6.0 with customers at a number of workshops and road forums. With implementation at two early adopter sites well underway, MEDITECH now is demonstrating the 6.0 Release to prospective customers on a routine basis as well.

As has been stated on numerous occasions, MEDITECH continues to advance both its MAGIC and Client/Server platforms, and the company has no plans to sunset the MAGIC platform. "MAGIC is alive and well and continues to be enhanced," says Hoda Sayed-Friel, vice president of marketing. "We always will support customers who choose to stay with MAGIC, just as we will support those customers who desire to move to newer platforms."

Sayed-Friel says MEDITECH expects the decision for MAGIC customers whether to move to 6.0 (and if so when) will vary among customers depending upon each organization's goals and priorities. She notes MEDITECH will incorporate the experience and feedback it is gaining from the early adopter sites into its plans for working with other customers when they move to 6.0. "Our ongoing goal is to make moving to 6.0 as easy as possible."

Learn More about 6.0
Stay tuned as this exciting chapter in MEDITECH history continues to unfold in 2008. More information about 6.0 will be available at the upcoming HIMSS Conference and Exhibition.


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